One of the best parts of this job is getting to see the wonderful, inventive pieces created using Efex. It’s also thrilling to see our products on display – Facebook, other websites, shops, homes, etc.

Recently, we’ve had the privilege of providing our mouldings to the Melbourne Theatre Company for a beautiful mirror used as a prop for their current production – The Distance.

This mirror was designed by the very talented Tracy Grant Lord. The Melbourne Theatre Company Props Department, headed by Geoff McGregor, made the mirror and the finishing artwork was executed by the MTC Scenic Department.

MTC Mirror

They used an incredible array of our mouldings, trimming them and overlapping them to suit. If you look closely under the large moulding at the top of the mirror, you can see that they’ve used an L2 leg moulding and simply cut it in half along the centerline to suit their piece. Can you spot the SC3 scroll used on the upper corners? What other mouldings can you identify?

MTC Mirror - close up

The piece was finished in a light grey tone rather than true white, giving it a beautiful aged appearance.

And if you’re wondering about the two mouldings at the very top of the mirror, I can tell you that these are on the ‘coming soon’ list as a new large rosette and another leg moulding.

Thank you to Michele Preshaw of the MTC for sharing this lovely piece with us. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

For more information on the Melbourne Theatre Company’s season and this play in particular, visit Unfortunately The Distance closes tomorrow, but the rest of the season looks phenomenal!